Powermastery, A community for human potential, peak performance, wellness and life adventure

Powermastery is a result oriented living classroom and community. It is a platform for leveraging your human potential, aligning your spirit, and creating a better space for your holistic life.

Powermastery helps individuals discover that missing piece of the puzzle. Empower your results, uncover your purpose and meaning, create a pathway for sustainable results, and stimulate “Ah ha” breakthrough.

No one can guarantee you will have the same results as others, but how would you know unless you tried. The power of empowerment, spiritual alignment, taking action is supported in a space with like minded individuals who elevate you.

The Powermastery brand represents positive change, a challenge to one’s limiting self, human potential, and front facing entrepreneurial creativity.

Outcomes experienced Powermastery participants:

Jess Todtfeld, helping Powermastery guests get results and achieve their dreams
Jess Todtfeld

1) Following Powermastery Retreat workshop with Jess Todtfeld, a Powermastery guest had a sales meeting and summarily was awarded a huge contract using what he learned at the Retreat!

2) One of our exhibitors participated in our Festival for Change, promoting natural health and wellness. While there the General Manager for a prestigious spa visited the event. Having spoken with the GM, he mentioned to me he connected with an exhibitor who manufactured and sold natural soaps and lotions. It was what he wanted to be part of their spa offerings which sees tens of thousands of affluent visitors annually. The result: he was looking to award them a contract to be one of their suppliers.

3) A guest ran for political office following an Empowerment Retreat. They secured an incredibly high number of votes for a first-time candidate. Having no political background nor ever having run for office makes their results even more amazing.

4) A guest applied what they learned at our Empowerment Retreat. Within two weeks their business got profiled in the Sunday NY Times.

5) Having attended the Powermastery Book Camp one of the guests applied what they learned regarding social networking on LinkedIn. They tripled their results within a day.

6) Carson tweaked one of his websites with what he learned from a workshop leader at the Retreat. The results? When a combination of three organic keywords was entered in Google search, the website showed up on the first results page of Google search SIX times!

Carson Tang is the Founder of Powermastery and Festival for Change. He is also the CEO and President of Carson Worldwide. He produces high touch and memorable experiential events and strategic marketing initiatives. Having recognized a hunger in the public it was clear what he could do to contribute to the lives of others for a greater good. Too often we are confronted with questions we cannot answer, challenges that seem insurmountable, and an emptiness that can’t be filled.

Unlock you potential with the Powermastery experience
Unlock your potential

Carson has been involved in leadership and program development roles with 501C(3) non-profit organizations such as the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, The American Liver Foundation, The American Museum of Natural History, the American Digestive Association, the 92nd Street Y, Makor, the City of New York, the 110,000 member 501C(3) Appalachian Mountain Club, etc.

“We have a moral obligation to contribute back to the interconnected community we are all part of.” In his capacity, Carson creates a plethora of touch points to gain leverage in your life and outcomes. Through events such as the Empowerment Retreat, he empowers thousands of people nationwide.