Human Potential

How did it feel when you parted the seas, went against all odds and came out a champ, or turned grey skies to blue?
Life reveals who you are and where you are headed from the experiences you allow into your life.

Your human potential empowers how you respond to challenges in your life and how you complete each puzzle. After years of promising yourself to achieve something whether it's a particular career position, financial benchmark, relationship or sense of fulfillment, the endless goal setting and lackluster results relegates most to giving up or forming a less than favorable attitude to achieving what they set out to accomplish.

Whether its tweaking your physical and emotional health, outlook, sense of self, career pursuit, personal relationships, finances, or desire for clarity or purpose in your life, Powermastery provides a springboard for you to excel, connect with like minds, create tangible life strategies through hands-on immersion, bring a sense of adventure into your life, and more.

For our live outdoor experiential events including day hikes, walks and cultural immersions near and far visit:

Powermastery is:
1) Adventure, physical and spiritual health and engagement with nature and the outdoors (visit; and
2) Growth, empowerment and results (especially for Gen X and Baby Boomers seeking to engage the next phase of what is coming at them, and what to do now to accelerate and take advantage of opportunities in the current environment).

Our events, outings, workshops, retreats, meetings are built on an experiential foundation of no fluff, no lip service.
Being part of the Powermastery community is free. Our business model pays its bills through the administration and management of paid events and for referrals on reliable and relevant services and products that we feel of interest to those we serve, and we never share nor sell member information to third parties.

Without direction you remain lost

Our Facebook community Page is for recaps and other information, and Facebook Group is used for members to share photos from the hundreds of events and outings we conduct worldwide:

The experience based tools offer you leverage in tweaking your human potential and achieving breakthrough. They include outdoor adventure such as day trips, swim hikes, walks, meaningful dialogs and physical social networking where you get to share quality time with others. Our cultural immersions and fun adventure outings help unlock your passion and tap into forgotten self.

Workshops, retreats and events build habit forming and pattern interrupting metaphors to create the most positive change in your life. They are developed to help you step out of your comfort zone, build your emotional muscle and self confidence. *For corporate high touch event marketing to promote and introduce your services, products, brands, or destination visit:

Why watch life happen, when you can be living it in every moment.

Powermastery may not be a panacea for everyone, but you can't win in the game of life unless you at least set your foot on the path to your human potential.

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Achieve results at the speed of life
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Breakthrough With Carson – Radio Interview

What do they say about Powermastery events?

The Buzz

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Stephanie Giroux, Change Management
Stephanie Giroux, President, Global Change Management Powermastery Empowerment Retreat

I want to recognize Carson's involvement in the holistic empowerment of people through experiential events, helping along the way; the business, professional, personal and spiritual aspects of their lives. 

I've traveled from Montreal-Canada to New York to attend his events each year since 2008 and have invited more than a dozen people. Carson makes a difference in our lives by unifying high quality like minded people and while providing us unique programs, moments & locations where we can literally breathe and experience new concepts.

Thank you, Carson, for your great involvement in the evolution of consciousness.
I can't wait to attend your next experiential event!

Margaret Irving, senior staff at Anthony Robbins
Margaret Irving, Owner, Energy Rocket Enterprises Powermastery Empowerment Workshop

I've had the honor and privilege of working directly with Carson and experienced the skill and high level of standard that he engages when executing an event. He pays attention to every detail, anticipating needs, communicating on a consistent basis, providing updates as needed, and ensuring needs were met.

Additionally, his skills go beyond what I have experienced, and I am looking forward to working with Carson in the future. Truly an amazing and outstanding professional, leader and visionary.

Outdoor adventure that expand your horizons
Robert Bangiola, General Manager Dance and Theater, Bard College Outdoor Adventure Trip

Robert Bangiola - Carson Tang is a professional event and outdoor adventure organizer, friend him if you want to know more about his events and hikes in the greater-greater New York area, and beyond! I will definitely be doing some of his other hikes in the New York area.

A shout out to this being a truly all-ages, all-levels, with hiking as its primary interest (no alter-mission).
I have very high standards for organized group activities, but I will definitely hike with him and the group again!