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Your adventure begins with a renewed beginning and supporting the power of a fellowship of friends 

As barriers keep you from soaring or leave you feeling there is something missing from your life, you discover nothing else matters other than shedding that feeling of being incomplete or unfinished in what and where you have arrived in life. Our events, activities, and programs are immersive, interactive and experiential. Why watch life happen, when you can be living it in every moment. To view, some upcoming outings and events visit: http://powermastery.com/en/calendar, or check out the Event Calendar in the menu at top of this site.

Our next exciting adventure involves an interesting twist for rekindling your appreciation for what you've been missing in your life, to be young again, and engage the part of your life has your soul misses. You're cordially invited to join us, and engage your senses in a fun exciting meander through the corridors of your imagination. Here is a description of our late October, early November 2017 event. Register by contacting us for payment instructions.

How often do you get to travel around the world in a day; sampling different ethnic food,  cultures, and experience the fantasy we dream and now brought to life where you can immerse yourself. For those who have been on our trips, they'll tell you they've been incredible.

This experiential outing is exclusively for adults who want to network, play together, socialise and connect in a space outside the dreary day to day jungle. Visit the land of Pandora (https://youtu.be/eM8f47Igtu8), China, Germany, Italy, Morocco, Japan, Norway, England, France, Mexico, Canada including Skull Island (https://youtu.be/n_GZCxD1Jvw), Mt. Everest,  the Lost Continent, Jurassic Park (https://youtu.be/C4uQ-OFH0Co), and the Wizarding World (https://youtu.be/-VPAnceh8IY). All in a matter of days!

The biggest plus is we take advantage of the International Food & Wine Festival (https://youtu.be/M3HFNcucBVg) where you can sample foods and wine pairings from around the world, a healthy helping of fitness through the miles we'll be walking, and enjoying the fun company of friends throughout. It all takes place in Florida at Animal Kingdom, Epcot, Islands of Adventure, and Universal Studios. This trip is in the company of adults who want to take a break, see the world through a different lens - or one that has been lost over the years.

Five days; four nights to forget, recharge, renew, and

empower your senses & youthful spirit!

Trip includes: AAA approved lodging; includes breakfasts, park admissions, ground transportation included to/from parks and airport; trip planning, coordination, and administration. Airfare, lunches, and dinners not included. To register and for more details click: http://powermastery.com/en/calendar, or visit the Event Calendar in the menu at top of this site.

We are looking forward to an incredible whirlwind culinary adventure and outstanding experience.

 More - our retreats and workshop leaders are selected from those who have made incredible strides in their own lives. They have helped the many others arrive at the destination without the baggage. Success icons, life masters, and leading wellness gurus take you on intimate hands-on experience based workshops to get you out of your own way, live more mindfully and enjoy more from what you can achieve.

TWO SPACES Just opened up to see the Total Solar Eclipse out west as we discover and explore Yellowstone, and Grand Tetons, National Parks and the Great Salt Lake! See details in our event calendar. This event was sold out, but we had two recent cancellations. http://powermastery.com/en/calendar


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Outdoor Adventure
Meetups, Social Interludes, And More Fun Stuff, Etc.
Outdoor Adventure

Wildlife - solar eclipse hike trip! grand teton, yellowstone and salt lake city adventure

Venue: Yellowstone National Park / Grand Teton National Park
Meetups, Social Interludes, And More Fun Stuff, Etc.

International food & wine festival, pandora, world showcase, skull island, islands of adventure, and more - vacation

Venue: Orlando, Florida  |  City: Orlando
Experience Based Travel With Powermastery Friends to a time and space your life left behind

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