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As barriers keep you from soaring or leave you feeling there is something missing from your life, you discover northing else matters other than shedding that feeling of being incomplete or unfinished in what and where you have arrived in life.

Allow me to share: you can increase the results in your life by engaging your human potential and fostering a sense you can move proverbial mountains at the speed of thought.. by taking action, and then be able to replicate and sustain what you just accomplished.

For example a guest spent years afraid to write a book. It was constantly on their mind, yet each year it was just a fleeting thought. Their reasons for not starting? Typical excuses: 1. not enough time, 2. who would be interested, 3. there are already hundreds of books on the subject. At our Empowerment Retreat they learned to get out of their own way. They found the courage and inspiration to confront irrational fears. The faculty guided them and they were supported by an supportive circle being there for them. They accomplished more than they ever imagined possible. They had an 'ah ha' moment at the Retreat., felt the fear and did it anyway. They have since written several books sold out on Amazon, B&N and Borders. The breakthrough was so significant they mentioned their experience and breaktrhough from the Retreat in their published books.

The faculty at the Retreats guide you, mentor you, encourage you, and answer the questions that make you confront fears and procrastination that have been corrupting your life while building a strong vibrant platform for wellness. If you would like tune up your life and create a new dynamic for results and positive change, the Empowerment Retreat is for you!

1. Empowerment Retreathttps://powermasteryretreat.eventbrite.com - Use Discount Code: 'RetreatVIPDiscount' and receive $50.00 off three day tuition

2. If you want to be an Exhibitor at Festival for Change, use Discount Code: 'FestivalVIP75' for $75.00 off: Registration for Festival Exhibitors & Healers

We have a number of outdoor trips and activities. Studies show that nature has incredible effects on your mental capability, reducing stress, and fostering health. Our community of likeminds is in search of ways to connect with the outdoors and nature, be more mindful, find peace and harmony, and discover fun and excitement of those they most resonate with. You are welcome to join any of our trips. As a community based group of friends and supporters playing and growing together it is completely free of charge to join in our local day hikes.

At Powermastery we provide hands-on expereinces for you to discover your purpose, unlock your calling, and unleash the wonder that is you to accomplish those things you didn't think possible while fostering the skills to embrace a life as great as the seven wonders. Retreats, worshops, events and festivals are hosted at various locations throughout the North America.

We create the space for you to become more successful, guide you to your highest human potential, guide you to an alignment with your spirit, and provide a safe space for you to soar, fearlessly. 

Register for our next Retreat:  https://powermasteryretreat.eventbrite.com


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Retreats and Workshops
Retreats and Workshops

Powermastery empowerment retreat for personal, career and business transformation

City: Saratoga Springs
Powermastery Empowerment Retreat is where you learn about your hidden potential and empower ...
Retreats and Workshops

Powermastery empowerment retreat & festival for change for natural health, wellness, fitness & spirit

Venue: Saratoga Springs Spa State Park  |  City: Saratoga Springs
Festival For Change, and Powermastery Empowerment Retreat, for Wellness and Personal Transformation

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